Start-up Company - Bone Marrow Transplantation

We have proven ourselves successful in placing the top six executives of this organization. We were able to locate a VP of Operations, VP of QA Systems, VP of Regulatory Affairs, Director of Manufacturing, and VP of Clinical & Medical Affairs. Each individual search was filled within four weeks of its beginning.
Start-up Company – Reprocessing of Surgical Instruments

We flawlessly managed the hiring of three key executives: Regional VP of Sales, VP of Manufacturing, and the Director of Engineering. All of these positions were resourced in less than two weeks, with new assignments underway.

The primary venture capital firm was so impressed with our work that they gladly referred us to three of their clients. One of those searches resulted in the hire of a CFO, Director of Engineering, and a VP of RA.

Mid-Sized Company - Medical Device / Biomaterials Company

A mid-size medical device/biomaterials company presented one of our biggest challenges. The company was operating under direct supervision of the FDA, as their business was involved in patient litigation. It also happened to be located in a city, which is ranked among the highest in cost-of-living across the entire nation. Despite all of the challenges, we were able to fill the positions of VP of RA, VP of QA Systems, and VP of QA/Mfg.

A mark of our excellence in executive placement is the consistent promotion of the candidates we supply:

· Vascular start-up – We placed the Director of Marketing/Business Development and within three years he was promoted to Executive Vice President. He was recently recruited to be CEO of a Tom Fogarty start-up company.

· Surgical device – We filled the position of Operations Manager and within one year, he was promoted to Director of Operations.

· Cardiovascular company – We located and acquired the Site Director who was elevated to General Manager in six months and was later promoted to the VP of Mfg/Operations with another division of his company.

Our successful placements have been for a variety of positions and in a range of companies:

We have filled nearly fifty positions in the following areas: General Manager, Site Director, Director of RA, Director of QA Systems, Sr. Director of Clinical Affairs, RA Manager, Clinical Manager, RA Specialist, Clinical Associate, Marketing Manager, Product Manager, and the list goes on.Here are a few of the Fortune 500 and start-up companies that have made use of our services: Medtronic, Guidant, Baxter, Becton-Dickinson, Fresenius, Howmedica, W.L.Gore, Solvay Pharmaceutical, American Pharmaceutical, J&J, Chimeric Therapies, Alliance Medical, Bionx Implants, Oratec Interventions, A-Med Systems, Vascular Solutions, Image-Guided Neurologics, Transneuronix, Spiration, CardioFocus, Transvascular, Myocor, Jomed and Tissuelink Medical.

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